Trends = Trash

How long are people going to keep falling for the quick to come and quick to go fitness trends? The truth of the matter is that solid and consistent fitness results are gained by using time proven exercises and activity, especially for those just starting out or re-starting for the first time after a long layoff. Don’t fall for the products and programs that you see on TV, online and in print ads because I can promise you that WAY more often than not, whoever they use for the models with ripped abdominal muscles and tight buns…all use basic, time proven exercises to get fit, NOT the junk they are representing on commercials.

I have been in the business for many years and 99% of the pros and successful fitness enthusiasts I have been around, use simple yet effective strength training techniques, solid eating habits and consistent cardiovascular activities with ample variation and diverse intensities. You can do the same, so consult your local and qualified fitness professional at a reputable gym or facility then stick to the basics! OR….Instead of an infomercial product, pyrmid-scheme diet formula or supplement, it would be much more effective and cheaper to join a walking or running group for $20-50, get involved and get moving!

Once you take that first step or jog, you will gain small victories each week that will lead you to higher levels of conditioning, fitness knowledge and experience. That way, you won’t have to look back and regret impulse purchases of fitness related products and programs that you didn’t even need! Kinda like how Justin Bieber will look back and regret his current haircut or how Britney Spears will look back and regret well…pretty much everything!

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