Nutrition Tip: Simple is Best!

All too often, people believe that meals should always be a taste sensation or the highlight of their day….Wrong! If you really want to succeed at this thing called Fitness, switch your view of food to that of it being your means of fuel, maintenance and recovery for your body and focus on other aspects of life to provide comfort, excitement and stress relief such as yep, you guessed it…exercise!  Keep your daily meals simple, healthy and then treat yourself once and awhile with “all the other foods.”

One of my favorite little meals is a handful of Unsalted Almonds and a can of Low Sodium Solid White Tuna…Good stuff! Just 2 ounces of the Tuna serves up a lean 15 grams of muscle-building protein and the cans are 7 ounces! I eat a full can but ladies you can eat a half can earlier in the day then the other half later on for your second helping of lean goodness! I eat 2 cans a day, every other day.

I don’t add anything to it and eat it right out of the can or if I am on the go, I put it in a locking plastic container. The Tuna along with the Almonds, gives me a great combo of protein and essential fatty acids, not to mention the Tuna and Almonds just taste great together for some reason.

Does this combo have me jumping off the walls in excitement because of the explosion of taste and savory splendor? No but it does taste good and gives my body simple, healthy nutrients to support a high level of conditioning and activity.

While you are chasing your goals, keep your nutrition plan streamlined and simple yet with enough variation that you don’t get bored. Stay disciplined, stay consistent and of course, get your exercise sessions completed with just as much discipline and consistency. Staying active is always the best bet but when you add simple, healthy nutrition to the mix, you create a balance of nutrition and activity that will build a foundation of health that will support you for a lifetime. Keep it simple, keep it moving!

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