Pump Yourself Up

I was in the gym this morning and a lady came in, dug in her jacket and realized that she had forgotten her iPod. She sighed really loud with disgust and said to me “there is absolutely no way I can work out now, I can’t exercise without my iPod.”

Wow! Really? Whatever happened to coming to the gym and getting it done no matter what the circumstance…or does that even exist? To block out the time to exercise, put on your exercise clothes, drive to the gym then not workout because you don’t have Lady Gaga or whatever in your ears, makes no sense. I personally don’t use or need an iPod or anything else to exercise but don’t criticize those who do. However, to not exercise because you forgot it on a given day deserves not only criticism but two big thumbs down and a barrage of choice curse words!

I have seen this with people who forgot to take their pre-workout energy drinks and potions as well. I used to think that I needed my iPod or energy drink in order to “perform” but really all you need to perform is “to start performing,” end of story! A good dynamic warm-up session will get you fired up better than any kind of pre-workout supplement, so save that money and spend it on the much more important element of your training which is your recovery nutrients such as proteins, amino acids and so forth. Again, I have no problem with those who choose to train with iPods, pre-workout products or whatever because if your training, I give you much respect but at the basic level, if you happen to forget one of those items, you still have “you” so get it done anyway!

Success in fitness and sport, no matter what people may try to tell you or sell you…starts nowhere but from within!

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