An Open Mind Opens Doors

I worked with a lady this morning who was thrilled to learn a couple new exercises. She was most thrilled with learning how to correctly perform a Push Up because she was under the impression that she couldn’t do so. When I mentioned that her next exercise was a push up, she looked at me with that “yeah you’re joking right?”  look but then quickly realized that I wasn’t joking. I explained to her that the human body is capable of amazing things and that I want her to start opening her mind up to the possibility that her body is just as capable!

 As I instructed her on all of the finer points of the exercise, she went into motion and performed 10 perfect push ups! Sweet deal huh? That little victory came about because she trusted me and herself enough to at least try the new motion. Most people don’t try, therefore they don’t “do!”

As time goes on, this little victory will lead her to more victories and more confidence to set and attain higher and more diverse goals. This process will ultimately lead her to higher level moves, functions and activities. She is well on her way and something as simple as a Push Up has unlocked the door to new possibilities with regard to fitness that can even trickle into her everyday life as well.  That is a good thing my friends. All of that success and more is waiting for you as well, so open your mind and go get it!

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