Random Fit Wisdom

I ran into an older gentleman while I was on a hike yesterday and our exchange was brief yet inspiring. We were both working our way to the top of a steep mountain trail and as I was passing him, he said “nice job fella” and I responded by saying “heck, I just hope to be doing as well as you are when I am your age.” He said “thanks son, it ain’t rocket science…just keep fighting forward cuz being able to do this stuff at my age feels damn good!”

We both laughed, I said “Right on, I’m hoping to get where you’re at my man” and that was it. He was going all out, climbing as hard as he could and it made me climb as hard as I could too. The amazing lung and leg burn at the top actually felt good. It’s amazing how random words of wisdom can transfer to a higher state of being. That is the beauty of getting out and getting active because more often than not, you will run into people like this gentleman and get inspired by them, even if you never speak a word!

With that in mind….put your shoes on, grab your bike, dust off your gym membership card or whatever and get out there so you can feel “Damn Good” too!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Exercise is the real fountain of youth. What’s the point of having a long life if you can’t enjoy ALL of it?

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