Protein packed Yogurt for those who actually want to get and stay fit!

Good Stuff!
Compare with yours. If your brand isn’t better, its time to switch!










The product:

CARBmaster Yogurt is in my opinion the best yogurt option on the market thus far! It has 12g of protein and even has muscle-building Whey Protein Concentrate added to it. It has the lowest amount of sugar (only 3g) of any yogurt on the market, period! Don’t get fooled by words like “Natural”, “Lite”, “Healthy”, “Greek” or anything else….The proof is in how much sugar is in it, so before you get all excited about what the front label says, turn the cup around and look at the sugar content because yogurt producers are famous for loading in the sugar. 

Keep in mind that most yogurt containers are only 6 ounces and there are countless yogurt brands that have more than 20g of sugar…that is ridiculous! Activia or “Craptivia” as I call it, has way too much sugar, so no matter how catchy the advertisements are, the proof is in the label…it has too much sugar! Many Greek yogurts may not always have added sugar but many that I have seen still have 10, 15 and even 19g of sugar per serving which is also too much. I know the word “Greek” makes it seem as though the Greek gods blessed this type of yogurt with the natural goodness that will make you trim and slim…wrong! Be smart, read labels and make better choices! CARBmaster is great for adding additional protein to your diet and is also a tasty snack between meals and evening cravings. At only 80 calories for the whole container, its a great option. 

Where to find: Kroger, Fred Meyers and QFC. This is a Kroger brand product, so depending on where you live CARBmaster is  available under the Kroger, Fred Meyer and QFC labels. Kroger owns Fred Meyer and QFC and all three brands have CARBmaster…Sweet!

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