A Nutrient Packed Super-Food you can take with you!

Sweet Potatoes are an undeniable Super-Food, but for many people, they find it hard to take the time to cook and pack the food so that they can take it with them on the go! I have the perfect solution…Taylor’s has vacuum packed Sweet Potatoes that you can literally eat right out of the can and guess what is in the ingredients? Big Surprise…Sweet Potatoes! Not with syrup, not with sugar…just Sweet Potatoes, thats it!

So when you go to the grocery store to look for them, be sure to check the back label and make sure that the ingredient list includes ONLY Sweet Potatoes because there are many varieties of canned sweet potatoes and most add sugar or syrup. Even the Taylor’s brand I mention has a version with syrup, so again, read the back label to make sure that you purchase the version I am recommending.

At home or work, open the can with a can opener and place the potatoes in a portable container and you are ready to go! You can add a dash of Cinnamon for a rich flavor or for a savory feel, you can add a little Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, a drizzle of Olive Oil and mash it all together for a great blend of healthy flavors. Combine a 4 ounce serving of this super food with 4-6 ounces of lean protein such as Fish, Chicken/Turkey Breast, Bison, 1-2 cups of steamed veggies and you have a balanced Super-Food Meal! There are even people who use the Cinnamon version along with an Egg White Omelette in the morning, so don’t  think of sweet potatoes as just a lunch or dinner food because they are nutrient packed and great for kicking off your day!


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