Fitness is serious Biz…Don’t wait for Doctor’s Orders

I can’t tell you how many times in the past month, I have heard people in the gym say that they are working out because their doctor gave them strict orders to do so and that they wished they would have stayed active over the years. If this scenario isn’t already your reality, it will be if you don’t get your act together and start exercising!

I am not trying to scare you into getting fit but come on people, history and reality has proven without a shadow of a doubt that the human body was designed to perform and maintain physical activity. Without it, your body will suffer as a result because it was literally built to perform consistent, physical work!

You don’t have to start out conquering the world, start off slow and start with the basics. I started working with a woman in her mid 50’s a little over a month ago who hadn’t worked out in at least 10 years and in that short amount of time, we have made significant improvements in her strength, conditioning, flexibility and endurance.  She is still improving each week because she has stayed consistent and didn’t try to do too much too soon. More importantly, she sought help! Many people want to get in shape and avoid many of the problems that inactivity brings but don’t know where to turn or are too shy to ask for help. Get over it, and seek help! Oh and for all of you men out there…I know that you “know it all” but if you know it all and are still out of shape…seek help and have someone help you get fit!

There are people out there who can and will help you, so get moving, drop by some local fitness facilities and consult with their staff members as to what is the best approach to take with regard to your specific needs. After that process, go with the people and facility that you feel most comfortable with and get moving!

Don’t wait for the doctor, don’t wait for loved ones, divine intervention or the heavens above to get you moving…its on you!

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