Monday Motivation

I overheard a woman at my local coffee shop yesterday who was talking with her friend. She was going on and on about how she wants to get in shape and that it’s so hard “at her age” to get motivated and make things happen. She said “I am 38 years old and things just don’t work the same way they did when I was young, I almost feel like what’s the use ya know?”

I almost dropped my coffee on myself! I have a buddy who is 50 years old, wakes up at 430am every day and either does a Swim, a Run (or both) or a Spinning class, then goes to work all day. Later on that evening, he goes to a CrossFit studio and does high intense strength training to absolute failure, goes to bed, gets up the next morning and does it all over again! He is no freak of nature, no superman or a pro athlete, he is simply someone who understands the importance of an active lifestyle and gets it done.

You are no different, so no matter what age you are, what your situation or your perception of what you “think” you can and can’t do…your body depends on you to get it the exercise it needs to maintain and build its form and function. Without consistent exercise, you jeopardize your health and everything else you hold near and dear because without your health, you have nothing!

Give your body and health the same attention you give everything else in life because if you don’t, you won’t have a life. I’m not preaching, just laying out reality, so get with it

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