Get tips from an “Old School Master!”

John Parrillo has been in the Bodybuilding & Fitness industry for well over 40 years and is literally a genius when it comes to well…just about everything. He runs a successful supplement business that is uncompromising on quality, he designs and builds his own fitness equipment, he certifies personal trainers and he is one of the few, if not only supplement providers that designs, tests, produces, packs and ships supplements all out one building. Furthermore, before there was the whole P90x, CrossFit and any other multi-discipline training  revolution, there was John Parrillo. I remember doing all that stuff and more in his gym and getting absolutely every muscle fiber worked to complete and horrific failure. Yep, you name it…the ropes, sprints, hill repeats, plyo-training, agility, skin the cats, every squat motion known to man and yes, Belt Squats! To this day, there has been no workout harder than a combo he unleashed on me with his Parrillo original…Belt Squats! One word…Ouch! Well, there is another word…Mommy! 😦

He stays low-key yet is very successful, he doesn’t care what the trends are and he doesn’t care if you like him or not. He does care about helping anyone who desires high-level training, high-level eating and quality supplementation. Remember, no style or format is the best, so look at numerous formats, take bits and pieces from what you come across and map out a format specific to you, your needs, your research and your personal experiences.

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