A Christina Aguilera Fitness Lesson

Christina Aguilera’s epic screw up of the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl is actually a great lesson for fitness. “Really” you ask?….I say heck Yes! 

Getting things right, whether it’s the national anthem or fitness success, means starting with the basics like….uh yeah, actually knowing the lyrics! With regard to fitness, achieving success starts with mastering the basics of the moves, exercises and techniques of the different disciplines that you participate in. It also starts with you mastering the basics of nutrition, flexibility and supplementation. From there, you can then work on varying your workouts and opening your mind to trying different and higher-level forms of activity and sport. 

Our poor friend Christina forgot this basic virtue as she focused more on blowing us all away with her patented fluctuating vocal octaves, range and power rather than knowing the freakin’ lyrics!

So, the next time you decide to jump into an advanced bootcamp or spin class despite not having worked out in 3 months, think of our buddy Christina standing in front of millions of people and flubbing the words to a song that I have even heard an insanely drunk fratboy get right with vomit on his shirt while laying half-conscious on the sidewalk.   

With that in mind, stick to the basics! Slowly build up your conditioning, slowly build up your level of technique and let the natural course of bodily progression and adaptation take place. If you force things too soon, the “force” comes back to haunt you but if you work hard to become a master of fundamentals, you will end up training and operating at levels of conditioning and fitness you never before thought possible! Are you listening Christina Aguilera?

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