Feeling Lazy? Use your mind and Go Mental!

Use your mind, fight the pizza dude! Use your mind power!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and despite how awesome it was outside, I just didn’t feel like exercising. I felt like grabbing a meal, laying down and doing absolutely nothing…I was not feeling it! However, from experience, I knew that if I could just get myself together enough to get my workout clothes on and moving, I would get into the groove and get a workout completed! A mental process I always use when I feel like being a “slug” is to think about those times when I was sick or injured and would give anything for the privilege of being up, active and doing fun fitness stuff. Second, I think about what this guy told me a long time ago at a gym when I was visiting Toronto. He was working out really hard and I said “great job!”  He said “thanks dude, ya know what?…I didn’t feel like training today but whenever I feel like that, I always imagine if someone had a gun to my head, could I workout?…and the answer is always hell yes!”

I don’t know why but those two things always get me going when I feel like being lazy! If you are going to be successful at maintaining and increasing your levels of conditioning, it generally comes down to you sucking it up and motivating yourself to get it done…don’t wait for others or a sign from God! If you take the time, I  am sure you can find a couple of memories or motivational triggers in your mind to help you get your butt moving when you would rather plant it on the couch! The time is now and you have everything inside of you that is needed for success, all you have to do is dig a little deeper and tap into it! Lets roll baby!

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