Looking to get rid of Soda in your life? Get better Bubbles!

It is no secret that drinking regular, full-sugar soda is just absolutely mindless but heck, now diet soda is getting a bad reputation as well. Whether it is deserved or not, who knows…but who cares because you can avoid all the drama by opting for sparkling water!

I like Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water with a little fresh lemon for a bit of flavor. It is healthy, great tasting, contains no sugar, no sweeteners, no artificial colors and a much better option when you are in need of a bubbly drink. When I go out with friends, I always order a Pellegrino with ice and some lemon. It makes it look like I have a “regular” drink when I really don’t and when my friends all wake up with hangovers the next day at 1pm, I have already worked out, ate and run my errands…hah, nice!

Try it, good stuff!

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