Quit Underestimating Your Potential

I have been in the fitness industry for many years and one undeniable fact is that the single most, powerful barrier to overall good health for many people is their perception of what can and can’t be done! Peoples perception of what their body can begin, overcome, accomplish and maintain is always far too low and even unknown. Success in fitness in terms of the nuts and bolts such as which exercises, programs or meal formats are the best are absolutely meaningless if you don’t first open your mind to the possibility and potential of your body.

Almost 100% of the success I have with the people I work with is not due to my putting on combat boots, yelling through a megaphone and hammering them with some trendy new exercise plan or snazzy diet but rather my constant reinforcement of the potential of their body and what it can accomplish if they first believe it to be possible. We then apply that open-minded outlook to the form, technique, requirements, adaptation to and processes of numerous forms of physical activity  and  nutrition.

I have been working a with a couple of ladies over the age of 60 and they have both made absolutely incredible amounts of progress with their strength, flexibility, muscular range of motion, cardiovascular and muscular endurance simply because they are now mentally believing it to be possible…not because we are doing some lame move we saw on the Biggest Loser show or ridiculous infomercial. We stick to the basic moves, proven equipment and a strong focus on form, technique, body position, range of motion and varying speeds of movement.

You don’t need to look anywhere or to anyone without first looking within and begin the process of saying to yourself that you are no longer going to be on the outside looking in at all of these people in the world achieving their goals but rather be one of them! All it takes is to make that decision to see it as a possibility and then put that body in motion and make it happen.

 Make a list of 2-4 activities/sports you are interested in performing and then do some research as to who the best people in your area are that can introduce, coach and nurture the process of getting you up to speed and proficient at those activities of your choice. From there, don’t stop fighting , don’t stop learning and never stop believing what it is you can get done!

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