Fit Tip: Use Ice!

If you exercise with any regularity, I am sure that you are no stranger to certain levels of pain, discomfort and minor injuries that accompany the process of being active. For that reason, Ice should be your best friend! Whenever you exercise, be sure to have ample amounts of ice or re-useable cold packs in your freezer so that as soon as you experience a shot of pain, a strain or twinge of soreness, you can immediately address it with a 10-20 minute session of ice!

I have had countless injuries and have kept them all pretty much in the minor category because whenever something is sore, hurting or tweaked, I immediately ice that area down to reduce swelling and immediately start the healing/recovery process. Not icing down areas that are hurting is just another form of laziness that can really hamper a sport or fitness routine! Stay on top of these minor injuries so that they don’t become major!

I will say this once, so listen well…“Ice should be a major part of all of your fitness & sport activities for the rest of your life!”

A mentor of mine a long time ago, quoted that to me and it was one of the single most important things someone has told me with regard to getting and staying in great shape on a consistent basis. Injuries, pain and discomfort are part of fitness so get over that fact, accept it, embrace it and address it by icing down any area of the body when it is abnormally sore or painful. If after a few days of icing the area is still swollen or extremely painful, get it checked out by a doctor.

There is no magic in the fitness and sports world other than the wonders of ice when applied immediately, and consistently. Ok, go to the store and stock up on ice and cold packs just in case!

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