Lung & Leg Burn: Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Trail climbing/hiking/running helps almost all other activities you participate in!

Climbing steep hills, trails and mountains have long been the secret behind many top-level athletes and health enthusiasts. I absolutely love the pain this training produces because it literally makes your body “battle tested” and ready to take on any other form of activity! Notable hill and mountain climbers are Hall of Fame football players Jerry Rice and Walter Payton to name just a couple of people. I was talking to a buddy about this mountain-trail I climb a few times a week and how it is ALWAYS hard which is what makes it so awesome. The trail I climb is short, steep and quickly rises up to 1,800 feet at the top. When you climb it all out, the pain is severe but short-lived. So if you fight through the leg & lung burn, your body will adapt.  

My buddy agreed that this trail was great but he then challenged me to climb Mailbox Peak which is supposed to be WAY worse and longer! He hasn’t done it either, so we are hitting it up this coming week. I’ll have a report on the inevitable pain later next week. Until then, check this beast out:

Former NFL great Walter Payton runnin' hills back in the day!

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