Trail Running is Poo Poo?

Yes, I made it to the top of Poo Poo Point! It was a hard run up but worth it.

I wrote a recent blog on the benefits of trail running and I am going to say it again…it is awesome! I just ran Poo Poo Point in Issaquah and it was a really fun trail. Funny name but a serious trail if you run or hike up it with purpose! Rocks, roots, epic sights, some super steep sections and an awesome view at the top was worth all the suffering to get to there. However, you don’t have to run and suffer to get to the top, you can hike, walk or power walk up to the top and enjoy it just as well. I just prefer to go up as fast as I can, suffer, check out a great view at the top and then jog down to recover. Once I get back down to the bottom, I hike back up to areas that I want to take a picture of…that way my hardcore-competitive side gets a great workout and my nature-loving, tree-hugging side gets to check out the great scenery! Everybody is happy!

The Seattle area is a beautiful, lush, literal outdoor playground and I intend to enjoy as much of it as I possibly can for as long as I can! It is a sin to do anything but get out and explore all that is Seattle because there are few places on earth that have such a diversity of things/places to do and see…Love this place!

No matter where you happen to be, there are cool places to get out and enjoy the outdoors and enjoy benefits that even the best Stairclimber, Personal Training session, Treadmill or Elliptical Machine can’t replicate! Get out there and explore!

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