Get Out-Get Active

I was in bed sick all day this past Saturday but early Sunday, my buddy performed forced recovery on my bed-ridden self with a kick in the pants and a lift ticket to go Snowboarding. Was I a bit fatigued and weak? Yes but when we were on the lift headed up to the top of the mountain, the sun shining and clear views of God’s country in every direction, I was amazed at how therapeutic it was. Shredding fresh powder surely sped up the recovery process. The majesty of being in the mountains and surrounded by pure beauty reaffirmed the fact that getting out with nature is one of the best things you can possibly do for both mind and body. Gyms, Yoga studios and all other indoor facilities have their place but NOTHING trumps interacting with the great outdoors. Never take the opportunity to do so for granted. I fight as hard as I can to enjoy it every chance I get, I hope you will as well. Add good friends and loved ones to the mix and there is nothing better my friend.


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