Your Motivation to Move?

There are countless reasons and sources of motivation for getting active but on days when I feel lazy or unmotivated, I think of my top reasons for staying fit and they always give me that extra push to go get my fitness-work done! My top three reasons for staying fit are:

  • My understanding that it supports everything I do in life, so I make it a top priority to ensure quality of life!
  • My love for the outdoors
  • My passion for sharing with others, the knowledge gained from all of my activity and adventures. Walking the talk!

Just yesterday in fact, I was feeling terribly unmotivated after a stressful day but knew that I had planned to do some hill-repeat sprints on my BMX bike. It was a cold and rainy night and I REALLY wanted to lay in bed under a huge comforter and watch TV but I just kept thinking about what I call “My Three Reasons.”  

I spent 20 minutes talking to myself and going through all the scenarios of “ok dave, you can do it tomorrow and do extra sprints for not doing it tonight” or “dude you’re in great shape, one night off won’t hurt ya!”….

I fought off the “lazy demons” and kept thinking about my three reasons until I snapped off of the bed, grabbed my gear, my bike and powered through an intense session of sprints. I ended up having a great workout and felt extra happy because I fought through a lazy episode! Having clear focus on what and why “you do what you do” is a powerful thing to have in your corner when it comes to getting and staying in great shape.

Take some time today to come up with your “Three Reasons” and I promise that they will always help you override any lame feelings of laziness! This whole fitness thing is ALL MENTAL, so use your mind to create a source of inner passion that can conquer any obstacle. That passion and power is already within you, so use it!

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