Basics First My Friend!

I saw a television interview this morning with General James Marks (retired) who described the Navy Seal operation that killed Osama Bin Laden as being a clear example of Brilliance at the Basics. He said that the beauty of what these soldiers do is that they keep things extremely simple and completely master the basics to ensure achieving the objectives set forth. Yes, I am going to relate this to fitness because it is one of the better ways to think about the process of achieving success at any level of physical activity or sport.

Don’t get caught up in short cuts, trends or irrelevant chatter about the next best thing…master the basics, use what works and believe in the impossible.

There are some very simple forms of exercise and nutrition that must first be learned and mastered before you go worrying about a new diet trend, boot camp or training format that touts itself as “the best” or one that “helps everything else you do.” 

Keep things simple, build your training and nutrition foundation first…then conquer the world.

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