Real Results Showcase: Joshua

Josh gettin' it done!

Joshua is a guy from the gym that I always look forward to seeing. This past weekend, we were talking and he told me that since last July he has lost 101 pounds. I asked how he did it and here is what he said. ” I quit eating junk food, I quit drinking sugary drinks, I quit eating carbs after 7pm, I drink lots of pure water, I lift weights 3 days per week and I do Cardio 6-7 days per week”  

I asked…“that’s it?…no super diet, supplements or crazy workout program?” he said “Nope!” 

He is a real-life example of how hard work, consistency, sensible eating and a commitment to good health gets results….period! There was no trainer yelling at him, no bootcamp, no supplements, no trendy workout/diet program, no mega vitamins…nothing…just consistent physical activity and sensible nutrition! I see this guy in the gym consistently lifting or running around the gym parking lot. He comes to the gym, gets it done and leaves to go home or to work, it’s that simple.

No disrespect to all the other ways of getting fit but there is something to be said and admired about his simple yet VERY effective routine!

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