Gimme and…um “yourself” a break!

If you are very fit and have proven to be a true warrior in the world of fitness and nutrition, I have one word for you…Relax! I was talking to friend who is fit beyond belief about a meal we are going to have at an upcoming meeting. Here is what the meal will consist of: Grilled Teriyaki chicken breast with very little Teriyaki sauce, steamed brown rice, steamed carrots and steamed Zucchini. She mentioned how much corn syrup is in teriyaki sauce and I was dumbfounded and thought to myself, “it is one frickin’ meal and this “one frickin meal” isn’t Pizza, Burgers, French Fries nor are bottles of corn syrup being fed to you intravenously!”

The human body reacts to, adapts to and reflects what you do on a consistent basis, not what you do on a very random or occasional basis. That fact is amplified even more when you are a person with a bullet-proof foundation of disciplined and consistent training/nutritional habits. I rarely eat junk or unhealthy food but when I do, I don’t think twice about it because I know the next meal will immediately be dialed right back in to my normal, healthy meal format and I will be dialed in to my training as well!

Worrying about literally a few grams (if that) of sugar or sodium from a random meal that is 90% healthy, means you either don’t have the self-confidence or self-esteem necessary to trust yourself to forgive “such a lapse in discipline” or you are so disciplined now that in the future, all that discipline will turn into no discipline at all. You with me?

I have seen it all before…young trainers, fitness professionals and enthusiasts so strict that as the years go by, all that hard work and sacrifice becomes the cause of their lack of discipline in the future. They then become “that guy” or “that woman” with a lackluster physique who tells stories of what they “used to do” or “used to look like”…wow!

You can figure out the rest….

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