Hmm…Isn’t it Ironic!

How Ironic...

One of my college football coaches always used to sarcastically say “Isn’t it Ironic” when describing specific scenarios then following up the phrase with countless curse words and throwing objects around the room. I find myself saying the same thing when dealing with the never-ending scenario of people coming to me with whatever fad workout routine, supplement or exercise philosophy that happens to be hot at the moment.

After listening to someone spout off about the next best pyramid scheme supplement, plagiarized diet plan, revolutionary workout routine or universe-changing piece of exercise equipment, I always say “isn’t it ironic” then mention that if you go to any gym in the world, the best proportioned, most defined and well conditioned people always use time proven techniques, time proven pieces of equipment, flawless form,  flawless technique, they get regular & challenging cardiovascular exercise and they eat with discipline.

Hmm…Isn’t it Ironic!

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