Fit Fix with a Mix

If you are looking for a “fun” addition to your workout, add a few rounds of Kettlebell Swings in between your sets of exercises.

Tuesday night, I did a 4 round combo of Barbell Squat, 12 Pull-Ups, 90 seconds of Kettlebell Swings, Β 25 Push-Ups and finishing with 31″ Box Jumps. Each set of squats, I increased the weight which made each round of swings and box jumps really “fun!”

I finished up in the parking lot with 15-100meter build up sprints on my bmx bike at about 75% intensity with 20 sec rest between sprints. I’m sore but not crazy sore and my overall conditioning keeps getting better from the variation. Sweet! Just look up “Kettlebell Swings,” there are numerous videos on how to perform them.

I just freelance my combos depending on what activities I have planned for the week and I make every workout different. Try freelancing and throwing in different things to keep your body guessing and adapting. Next up? Who knows! πŸ™‚

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