Show up and Results go up!

I have been in the fitness industry for many years and the undeniable truth in this trend driven, fickle and often shady industry is that nothing is more powerful than consistency!

While trends and fads come, go, come again, get recycled, die then come back to life etc., the people who exercise on a consistent basis are the ones that get and maintain results…period!

If you can learn, master and diversify proven methods of exercise on a consistent basis, you can and will achieve a very high level of conditioning, flexibility, strength and endurance for a lifetime.

No matter what discipline of exercise or sport, the folks that are the most consistent and focused on form, technique, body positioning, diversifying their routines and possessing a methodical approach “ironically” are the ones that are labeled genetically gifted or freaks of nature when in reality….they consistently train harder, smarter and with more discipline than people who dabble rather than fully commit.

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