What is the Fitness Fountain of Youth you ask?

This is a Squat Rack my friends. Take a good look and imprint this visual on your brain because after the haze of confusion caused by fads, trends and misinformation clears…the squat rack will still be around tightening and toning the butts and lower bodies of countless generations! People search the world over looking for the magic potion, plant, pill or program that will build and preserve a youthful, vital body and way of life. I have been in the fitness industry for many years, have trained countless people and the Squat is one of the most effective  exercise motions you can perform, period!

With most of your body’s muscle mass being located in the lower-body and the Squat motion being one of the absolute best ways to build and maintain lower body muscles…it isn’t too hard to figure out that  the two go hand in hand in terms of keeping you strong and lean for many years! Go to any gym, fitness or sports facility in the world and the people in the gym who stand the test of time undeniably tend to always have some sort of squat motion in their routine. So before you drop ridiculous amounts of money on skin tightening creams, fad fitness & diet programs or anything else designed to separate you from your money, go to a gym and have a qualified fitness professional show you the finer points of the squat motion.

Step out of the quick fix circus and into a squat rack then master the movement! Once you do, you will see your legs, butt, inner and outer thigh areas tighten up and successfully battle the aging process, burn extra calories and take you into a level of conditioning that you never before thought possible.  Step into “the Rack” and let me know how it goes after a few weeks!


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