Form and Countless Functions

More often than not, new pieces of fitness equipment are either junk, a complete waste of time and money or all of the above!  Every so often, some pieces of equipment come along that replace the brain cells and time lost on the countless other types of equipment that we all regret having dealt with in the past. Ladies and gentleman, meet the Halo Trainer. It is a piece of equipment developed by an innovative physical therapist in Indianapolis, Indiana named Bryce Taylor.

The Halo is designed to have many applications whether it be core work, strength work, flexibility training, overall conditioning, injury prevention, injury treatment and even physical and occupational therapy applications. This equipment comes with an exercise ball but it can be used with other products that you may already use such as other exercise balls, BOSU balls and TRX trainers. Having equipment that offers such variation is a good sign that it will actually have long-term practical use rather than ending up in your upcoming spring and summer garage sales!

There are no flashing lights, no infomercials, no gimmicks, no wild claims, no fads, it’s just a cool little piece of equipment. It won’t change the world but it will at least help you build your arsenal of helpful, effective tools to get and stay in great physical condition.

Check it out!


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  1. Bryce says:

    Thanks Dave! Not to mention the Halo’s unique Level system to offer exercises that are reasonable and appropriate for the individuals ability. The equipment is solid and the exercise content is smart!

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