Two Day Per Week Body Changer!

The great thing about fitness is that there are numerous ways to achieve success. Here is a strength routine that my good friend Jacob uses with great success. He is a very busy financial adviser who opts for weight training two days per week due to his tight schedule. His workouts rarely last longer than 50 minutes including his warm up. On Tuesday, he does one full-body workout with emphasis on leg training along with upper body movements thrown in to add an extra level of intensity and fatigue! ” It is quite difficult training the entire body at once but I believe it takes my results and level of conditioning to another level” says Jacob.

“On Friday, I perform the second workout which doesn’t include leg work but includes different moves that allow me to focus on some sculpting movements without so much fatigue as with my Tuesday whole-body blast! I like to have 2 full days of rest between my lifting sessions.”

On all other days, Jacob mixes in short bouts of cardio that last anywhere between 25-45 minutes depending on what he chooses to do or his schedule allows. “Sometimes I run up and down a steep hill near my house for 30 minutes or maybe a 40 minute Spin bike session at the gym but either way I decide to go, I make it intense and focused. On the weekends, I do longer bouts of exercise such as a run with my wife who runs a lot of marathons or a bike ride with my kids…I love the flexibility and active family time.”

Time Saver Strength Blast

(All other days during the week, perform various forms of short but intense bouts of Cardio…25-45 minutes in duration. On the weekends, you can perform longer duration activities to maintain and build your base-conditioning levels.)

Day 1

Dynamic warm-up (3 rounds 12-15 reps)

  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Push Ups
  • Crunches on Exercise Ball

The Workout (2-3 sets, 10-15 reps of each movement, little rest between sets and use flawless technique)

  • Lying Leg Curls
  • Full-bodyweight Pull-Ups or Seated Lat Pull-Downs
  • Barbell Squats
  • Dumbbell Incline Bench Press
  • Seated Calf Raises
  • Dumbbell Shrugs
  • Overhead Barbell Squats
  • Standing Barbell Shoulder Press
  • Barbell Biceps Curls
  • Lying Barbell Triceps Skull-Crushers

Day 2

Dynamic warm-up (3 rounds 12- 15 reps)

  • Medicine Ball Wide stance Squats
  • Wide Grip Push Ups

The Workout (2-3 sets, 8-12 reps of each movement, little rest between sets and use flawless technique)

  • Seated Cable Row
  • Barbell Bench Press
  • Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  • Seated Dumbbell Shrugs
  • Machine or Dumbbell Chest Flyes
  • Dumbbell Biceps Curls
  • Bodyweight Dips
  • Reverse Crunches on Bench
  • Triceps Pushdown
  • Lower-Ab Leg Raises on edge of a Bench



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