Training Remix…be a jack of all trades!

Hey all, I’m back after a hiatus that included total immersion in a complete fitness overhaul, new activities and re-thinking existing ones!

Every so often, I assess my current activities and interests so as to figure out how best to maintain my level of progression. When it comes to your particular activities, goals and interests, I encourage you to do the same.

If you are a cyclist, assess whether or not other disciplines of training or types of bicycling could offer you variation and even help to further along your progress in your primary mode of cycling. For example, BMX bike riding is my primary activity but I explore other disciplines of sport, make up my own training formats and tinker around until I am happy with my training mix. I trail run, lift weights, stretch, snowboard and perform other disciplines of cycling to add variation and increase progression.

For example, I mountainbike, road cycle and even bought a free-ride mountainbike (i.e. a smaller mountainbike that you can jump, ride on skateparks etc.) to replicate what I do on my bmx bike. Even though I am doing some of the same things that I do on my bmx bike, the larger bike requires various adjustments which I have found to be very helpful. I also perform what I call “Trail-Mix Training” where in one training session I perform 2 or more different disciplines. Last week, I did sprints on my bmx bike, immediately followed by a  35 minute run then back to a skill session on the bmx bike. I vary these workouts each week and have found that my level of performance and skill continues to improve.

If you are a runner, assess your current activities and look for ways to mix in other activities and even ones that seemingly have no correlation to running whatsoever. It may be just what you needed to add spice and variation to your current modes of training and exercise.

No matter what your activity or sport, don’t fall into the trap of following the crowd because more often than not, success is bred from blazing your own trail and exploring what works best for you!

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