Stupid is as stupid does!

Yesterday, after a morning session of snowboarding, I was back at my truck unloading all of my gear. At the same moment, a lady pulls up behind me in her car and asks “are you leaving?” 

I said “yes but it is going to be awhile, I still have to change and unload my gear” She said “no problem” and proceeded to wait some 15 minutes for me to leave.

Wow! First, the parking lot wasn’t even that crowded and for the amount of time she spent waiting for me, she could have already found another spot, geared up and been on the mountain!

I applaud the fact that she was up at the mountain to enjoy the slopes but that still doesn’t make up for the fact that it is just flat out stupid to sit and wait for a parking spot at a frickin’ mountain resort area where physical activity is pretty much the whole purpose…

There’s no debating this one, that is just plain stupid.

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