The Power of Perspective

Ahhhh yes! Another new year, a new set of plans, resolutions and goals that are never realized because consistency never takes place. Success starts with you, it starts in your head. Success starts with you “deciding” to grab it…not waiting for it, not hoping for it, not praying for it or wishing for it.

Every day, millions of people reach and surpass their goals because they simply made the decision to do so. When you truly decide to handle your business, you don’t quit because your legs are sore, you don’t quit when it’s raining or cold, you don’t quit when you “don’t feel like working out,” you don’t quit for anything because you decided not to. Simple as that.

Don’t get caught up in the rat race like so many other people do and then fail. This means that trying to attain your goals fast, quickly and easily usually ends up with money and time wasted and your ultimate failure. In some rare instances it is possible for people to reach whatever goals they set in a short amount of time but that is rare. Bad habits develop over time and so does the process of correcting them.

Be methodical, be patient and be consistent. I know those are all things people hate to hear but if you want to get and stay in great shape, you will succeed  much faster with consistent work and a different perspective on a time frame for success.

Instead of trying to rush things, look at those who are successful, learn about their format for success then incorporate some of what they do to your specific situation. Don’t try to flat-out copy what they do but rather work aspects of these successful formats into your program design and slowly craft your own level of success. Don’t follow plans…make your own!

Success is a blend of creatively making your own design for success, modeling after successful formats of others into your own and then attacking it with patient, methodical consistency…not brute force!

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