Change Requires Change!


The main goal when entering a gym or starting a fitness training program is to create some sort of positive change right? However, so many people fall short of creating this change due to well…not changing! What I mean is that there is a certain amount of effort and adaptation required in order to create an atmosphere of consistent progression, physical adaptation and ultimately, positive physical change.

In addition to people not putting forth enough consistent effort or discipline necessary for success, they don’t adapt or “change”as they go through this process either.  For example, I have worked in countless gyms and witnessed people repeatedly doing the same training formats despite not getting their desired results.

We can talk about working harder, education, getting a trainer, asking a staff member for help but before all of that happens, one must first be open to trying different things in order to reach their goals. Trying different things doesn’t mean following the latest fad or doing whatever the “ripped” person in the gym does but rather constant assessment of your training format and techniques every 4-12 weeks so you figure out what is pushing you forward and conversely, what is holding you back!

If you are working hard yet eating with no discipline, put your big boy or big girl pants on and discipline yourself. If you come to the gym religiously month after month yet your body looks no different from when you first started, it is time to bite the bullet, sit down and rework your program.

There is no magic blueprint for success but it starts with effort, discipline, consistency, constant assessment and an open mind for experimentation. Once you find a format that works, maintain that structure and mix in different formats and activities to avoid boredom, maintain progression and fuel future successes.

Change doesn’t always come in a comfortable package with hugs and kisses, it is often difficult. However, the discomfort of change more often than not, delivers a level of success never before thought possible!

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