Monday Magic


Make this a Magic Monday by giving the one thing that will take you many steps closer to your fitness goals….Effort!

Fitness plans, programs, machines, gadgets, exercises and philosophies are useless without the consistent effort required to actually garner results. I challenge you today, even if it is a quick 20 minute walk or weight training session, to schedule out some time to exercise and then actually do it!

I overhear people all the time chatting and giggling about how they “meant” to exercise but “things came up” or “I got so busy.” Let me be your messenger of reality and state that time flies by and before you know it, all those wasted minutes, hours and days of doing nothing contribute to a host of health issues that many people think “just came out of nowhere.”

Heck, even if you are very active and fit, you still aren’t immune from many health issues but don’t increase your chances for poor health and avoidable conditions simply because you were too lazy to do something as simple as a few days of exercise per week.

You can do this, so let today be the day you flip the switch and begin your journey to higher levels of physical conditioning. Start out slow, be patient, slowly increase your intensity levels, vary your activities and you’ll be well on your way!

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