Physical Activity: Drag and Conquer!

No matter who you are or what level you are at with regard to physical activity, it isn’t always easy to perform a session at the gym, practice skills and conditioning for a particular sport or even go outside for a simple walk around the neighborhood.

I have been in the fitness industry for as long as I can remember and there are days when I just don’t feel like doing whatever training session or activity I had planned to perform. However, my experience has taught me that when someone pushes past whatever mental roadblock that is coming between them and their activity, they always feel an amazing sense of accomplishment after doing so!

I had planned to go Snowboarding this morning but when I woke up I was not looking forward to an hour drive at 630am on my day off. With that knowledge in the back of my mind, I did what I call Drag and Conquer…it is what I always say to myself when I don’t feel like training or exercising.  I kept repeating “Drag and Conquer” over and over again as I was stumbling around this morning and packing my truck with gear to head up to the mountain.  

Once I got up to the mountain, the beautiful vistas, fresh air, snow-covered peaks and windblown trees quickly lifted my spirits and energy levels. With the snow falling and breezes whipping around, I was flowing down the slopes, steep tree sections, over snow park jumps  and loving every single minute of it. After a day of shredding snow, I went back to the truck happily exhausted and was so thankful that I pushed past that initial, lazy desire to stay in a warm bed and sleep in.  A great day of enjoying one of my favorite activities illustrates the fact that there is a reward for dragging your butt out of bed or off the couch and getting things done!

Slowly but surely, dragging yourself to get active will develop an amazing  defense against the laziness that keeps most people from doing the things that they are interested in or should be doing when it comes to physical activity!

Drag yourself out there and you will Conquer!

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