The Power of Process!

success-graphicLike clockwork, millions of people follow whatever workout trend that happens to be running its course. The ultimate reality is that very few people will ever achieve or maintain the results they desire. The problem is that in a culture where we gloss over details in order to quickly claim the reward, desire is not enough.

Physical activity is very diverse and much more involved than people are willing to accept, which in turn leads them to look for the pot of gold without climbing up and over the rainbow in order to claim it. Wrong philosophy my friend!

If you want to truly succeed at whatever type of fitness or sporting endeavor you choose; you can’t avoid effort, doses of struggle and you must immerse yourself so that you can develop the necessary base levels of conditioning, knowledge and technique. This baseline level of tools will create your path to success that is specific to your needs and situation. The process takes a little time and most people are simply unwilling to accept this fact which is at the heart of why so many people fail to achieve their goals.

If you desire improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle or that you want to participate in a specific sport…immerse yourself, quit looking for shortcuts,  push past and manage the childish fear of putting yourself “out there!”

This format may seem a bit obscure but that is by design. I have designed numerous workout and nutritional plans for people and they are only as good as the process that people actually use to implement them. A plan can only be successful if you actually craft it to your needs and then follow it!

Get your mind right, quit expecting, wishing or hoping for success and go grab it! Grabbing it takes time but if you immerse yourself, stay consistent, stay open to adjusting things on the fly and don’t shy away from effort….you will create your own personal path to success. You will achieve this success much faster than the old, unsuccessful way of just following the crowd and giving half-baked effort.

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