Warm Up vs. Energy Drink Experiment

During the months of December and January, I conducted an informal experiment to see if an energy drink prior to working out really helped me get pumped up or improved my performance. It has always been a non-issue with me because my mindset has always been to “go get it done” with or without an energy drink.

Winter is Snowboard season for me, so I perform what is called “in season” workouts where I maintain the results I achieved the previous months with intense, 2-3 set, whole body routines with little rest between sets. With these workouts being fairly similar during these months, I figured it would be a great time to conduct the experiment. I always perform a dynamic warm up before training, so in  December I drank an energy drink 20 minutes before starting each training session.

In January, I did the same routines without any energy drinks prior to my sessions and noticed no difference. A second layer I added to the mix was that in the last week of each month of the experiment, I didn’t perform my dynamic warm up.

The results? 

The energy drinks are pretty much useless, a waste of money and a mind trick by the companies who want to you to believe that you need an external source of energy to get you prepared for whatever bout of activity you choose to perform!

Second, the only thing that improved was the bottom line of these companies during the process of me dropping $2-3 per can or bottle of these products!

Third, the only time I felt like crap was when I didn’t perform my dynamic warm up routine prior to my workouts. A pre-workout warm up of any kind goes a long way in getting both your mind and body pumped up with oxygenated blood and ready for action!

Save your money and craft a warm up session that will take advantage of the internal mechanisms we are all born with that will give us all the adrenaline and energy we need to tackle whatever goals we set forth!

My warm up routine?

2-4 rounds, 10-15 reps of:

  • Standard Push Ups
  • Standard Bodyweight Squats 
  • Standard Wall Balls
  • Wide stance Push Ups
  • Wide stance Bodyweight Squats
  • Wide stance Wall Balls
  • Lightweight standard Kettlebell Swings

After a good warm up, my body is good to go with all motor units on high alert and the muscles ready to contract and react!

I switch my workouts and warm up routines around all the time but either way, the warm up procedure is by far the way to go versus lame energy drinks. The undeniable truth is that everything you need to push your mind, body and spirit forward lies in yep, you guessed it….your mind body and spirit. Hello? Save your money, man up, warm up then let your body do what it was designed to do!

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