Simple Food = Simple Success

When it comes to eating healthy, the word to keep imprinted on your brain is “simple.”

People tend to get too fancy with their meals or they try to create healthy versions of the junk food they grew up loving. If you do this…stop it!

When you scale down your sense of taste to what foods are simple,  good for you and tasty as well,  success comes much faster. If you have the time to pretend you are a chef on Food Network, all the power to you but most people don’t, so scale things down and focus on health rather than creating a taste sensation with every meal.

After all is said and done, your body is going to reflect the consistent, daily food choices that you make, so you can pretend to be a famous chef or satisfy junk food cravings on occasion to treat yourself. Other than that, keep the foods simple, packed with nutrition and simple to make.


Most people miss breakfast because they “don’t have time” which is just an excuse.

In the evening, when you have…say an extra 4-5 minutes, poor in a carton of Egg Beaters into a non-stick frying pan and cook up a great, low-calorie source of protein that you can eat for breakfast in the morning and for lunch the next day.

I cook up a 160z carton at night, eat half in the morning and put the other half  mixed with some veggies in a lunch container for work the next day. Most nights, I will separate a bunch of egg whites and store them myself for later use but on nights when I am out of my normal supply, it is good to have  few cartons of egg beaters on hand. Boom!

Simple, tasty and loaded with protein!
Simple, tasty and loaded with protein!

You don’t need imported cheese from France or to serve it on a designer dish….just cook it with a bit of pepper, onion, veggie of your choice, eat it and then focus on getting out in the world and living!

There are tons of different recipes you can use that are all very quick but I just mix in veggies, onion flakes, pepper and then I’m done…Simple!


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