Are you Funky?

When it comes to your gear, it is very important to take care of it. The first step in that process is keeping it clean, especially with clothing. There is nothing worse than having to replace an expensive item of clothing because it wasn’t washed enough and created the “what is that horrible smell?” Syndrome! Yes, that question we all ask ourselves when we are exercising and that random stench of moldy, musty funk overwhelms the senses and you are hoping that the smell isn’t coming from you….yeah, don’t be that person!

When this happens, it is almost impossible to get rid of, so the best defense against being “the funky person” in the gym or your activity group is to wash your clothing as soon as you can after using it. You don’t need to spend extra money on specialty sport detergents, the key is to simply wash them after each use. Words to live by?…Wash in Cold, add baking soda, hang dry and re-pack!

I tend to buy high-end gear in the off seasons so that I get sweet deals on items that I would normally never pay that much for. Regardless of price, quality clothing that does the job that it is intended to do is a luxury that should not be taken for granted, hatso when you find gear that you love, take care of it.

Get in the habit of washing your workout clothes as soon as you get home and it will pay off. I always wash in cold water to cut down on excessive wear, add baking soda to kill any odors and I hang dry most of the clothing as well. With the great moisture-wicking fabric that the items are made of these days, the spin cycle pretty much dry them anyway and hanging them up for a few hours or overnight finishes the job. If you choose to dry them in the dryer, do so on the gentle setting, check often and take them out as soon as you know they are dry. I tend to immediately re-pack them so they are ready to go for my next adventure without having to look for them.

If you follow these simple tips, you will still be funky but this time in the good sense of the word. Boom, you’re welcome!

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