Killer Ketchup!

Ketchup is present in almost every home but it contains far too much sodium, sugar, added concentrates and artificial flavors.
However, Portlandia Foods makes a great, all natural Ketchup that contains half the sodium and sugar than regular ketchup products and contains no concentrates or artificial flavors. Aside from superior ingredients, it tastes better than any ketchup you have ever had…I promise! Here is the breakdown:

1 Tbsp Regular Ketchup

  • Sodium- 160mg
  • Sugar-    4g
  • Calories- 20

1 Tbsp Portland Ketchup Company:

  • Sodium- 85mg
  • Sugar-    2g
  • Calories- 15

Eating healthy isn’t always about drastic changes but rather simple ones that all come together to round out a balanced, nutritious format of eating. If your local grocery store doesn’t carry this product, you can order online, here is the link: Enjoy!

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