Supplements: Create the Need

A common mistake that people make with regard to supplements is in their perception and expectation of what they actually do!

I want to make it clear that if you are not training consistently and at intensity levels that actually create a need for additional nutrients, you are wasting both time and money! Supplementation and your training are only going to be as successful as your day-to-day food and beverage choices…end of story!

I have lost count of how many people I have worked with that were dropping $200 or more per month on supplements yet they weren’t eating with discipline nor were they training hard, smart and consistently enough! First things first. Establish consistent, disciplined, high-quality dietary and training habits then slowly add supplements to further along your progress.

Example: A guy that I was helping get into the fitness industry was researching and spending all kinds of money on fitness and bodybuilding websites, taking all kinds of pre and post-workout supplements yet his training could best be described as warm-up exercises. His idea of nutrition was eating “treating himself” to his favorite junk foods all the time because he goes to the gym and takes supplements.”

He just couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t achieving his goals because in his mind, just being in the gym and taking his supplements had him on the right track. Wrong!

I helped him by increasing both the focus and intensity of his workouts and the quality of his daily food choices. I also took him completely off supplements except for a quality protein shake in between meals and after training sessions. We took a kitchen table full of supplements, scaled them down to one can of protein, cleaned up his meal plan and got him training with better consistency, form, technique and exercise selection. 10 weeks later, he had gained 8.5lbs. of lean muscle and his physique was noticeably more chiseled and balanced. From that point, we would introduce different supplements based on his goals and his training format, all the while NEVER abandoning what achieved the results in the first place….Clean Eating and Consistent Hard Work. Boom!

So before you get all hyped up on what supplements can do, honestly ask yourself if are you doing everything you need to do to actually create a need for supplementation? Are you consistently eating clean? Are you consistently training at intensity levels that warrant extra nutrients? Are you training with a balance that pushes all aspects of your conditioning such as muscular strength & endurance, cardiovascular strength & endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, form and technique???

Build and solidify a solid structure with the proven basics of training and nutrition so that you can accurately assess which supplements are actually needed and effective.

From that point, you can enhance and improve upon that solid structure.

Start simple, stay simple!



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