Trust your Talent, Use your Gifts

Whether you use them or not, you have natural talents, gifts and the ability to adapt to many types of physical activity and the only thing stopping you from using those gifts is you!

Not a day goes by that there isn’t one or many examples of people doing amazing feats of strength, conditioning and endurance. People completing 100 mile Ultra-Marathons, Ironman triathlons or Extreme athletes pushing the limits of what can and will be done with the human body may seem to be extraordinary or superhuman but in reality, they are no different from you.

There is a common thread that connects you to those people and it is simply the will to follow passion, make a difference, push limits, think outside of the normal mindset and then to put it all into action with effort. Mix in a little trial & error and you will be one of those people who continue to progress and reach goals never before thought possible. Expecting and embracing difficulty and setbacks during the process is just well….part of the process! Stay focused, stay engaged and work around the setbacks that most people use as excuses for quitting.

As my mentor always use to tell me…“nobody is flawless, nobody is immune from all that the human existence entails and they put their pants on the same way you do, so quit looking for excuses and start steppin’ toward solutions!” Those words always fuel me during whatever activities, sports or training formats I choose to attack!

You are no different, so get steppin’!

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