Simple Tips: Choosing a Fitness Facility

There is no doubt that access to a fitness facility opens up a number of opportunities for you or someone you know.

However, the industry has a black eye due to the culture of shady promotions, vague fine print, contracts designed to separate you from your money and to keep you “locked in” for six generations into the future!

The good news is that there are some really nice facilities that have reputable, honest ownership and offer memberships that are both fair and gymbeneficial to you-the customer. Huh?…imagine that!

Do your homework, take some tours and ask some members of the gyms that you visit about the culture of the place, pros, cons and everything else in between.

You can learn a lot in the gym setting both good and bad which can only increase your comfort level and knowledge base. The American College of Sports Medicine has a basic outline on how to choose and use a fitness facility. Check it out and share it! 

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