The Secret to having More Energy

A large majority of the excuses for being physically inactive usually involve the word “energy” as if it were some rare, exotic possession that only a select few are fortunate enough to have. Um…no!

Simply put, you “create” energy, not “wait” for it! The human body is an amazing machine that is constantly adjusting and making instant adaptations to different surroundings and stimuli it is presented with. You are the ring-leader and your energy levels are directly linked to your habits. If you are putting your body in situations that offer little to no physical activity and stimulation, it adapts by lowering the amount of energy needed and expended.

The secret to having more energy is no secret at all, get off your butt, quit accepting the fact that your energy levels are low and do something about it! If you are constantly telling yourself and others that you would exercise more if you had the energy…you are lying to everyone involved. Except for rare occasions when people have legitimate physical conditions that limit their energy levels, most people don’t have energy because they aren’t physically active.

Note: If you are inactive, you’re not going to have energy because you aren’t requiring the body to have more energy. If you want more energy, you have to expend more energy.

Breaking through a lazy period or period of complete inactivity, is definitely possible. You just have to make the decision that you are going to make the changes necessary to get moving, do it consistently and like “magic” you will start noticing that your energy levels will increase. Your body will respond to and reflect what you do or don’t do on a consistent basis. Period!

Having a solid base of energy or being in great shape doesn’t mean that you are always perky and ready for action, it means that even on days when you feel like crap, you can get your body to respond with a burst of adrenaline and alertness that is needed to get things done! That surplus of energy is built when you train on days when that lazy feeling creeps in or when the bed seems more appealing than putting on gym clothes. You have to get yourself to believe in that and when you do, you will always be able to maintain a high level of physical fitness. It is called trusting yourself.

It’s not easy but it’s not that hard either. It’s not rocket science but it does require mental acuity. You have it in you, just work hard to put yourself in the position to where your body is used to consistently adapting to different forms of physical activity and the chain of laziness and low energy will be broken forever.  Suck it up, get it done!

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