Don’t forget Skill-Don’t forget Fun

Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for ensuring overall good health but so is fun. I don’t mean getting “fall-down-drunk” fun, but rather good, clean fun that allows you to utilize and even further along your levels of fitness.

Skill is the key word because while it is great if you run marathons or go to the gym all the time, you should never forget skill oriented activities. If you don’t maintain and challenge your skill levels, hand & eye coordination and body-balance systems; they will deteriorate just like your conditioning levels would if you were to stop exercising.

I used to belong to a running group and while it was great to run with others and get fit, I noticed that whenever my fellow group members had to do anything other than run in a straight line, it looked as if they had never done anything athletic in their entire lives! Bless your heart for being in a running group or hitting the gym all the time but you have to develop other skills as well.

Having a solid foundation of physical conditioning shouldn’t limit you to just the activities that got you fit in the first place, branch out and challenge yourself! Try new activities that allow your body to adjust and adapt to different surroundings, different types of terrain, sudden change of direction, balance, reaction time and other stimuli. This will give you a much larger arsenal of “physical activity tools” to choose from. Here is a video that is a great example of what I’m talking about:


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