The Little Picture

When it comes to achieving overall good health, focusing on the big picture will only win half the battle! Focusing on the little things will strengthen you and set the stage for achieving results that you never thought were possible. There is no shortage of people who “talk” about getting in shape, eating better and staying consistent with exercise but very few actually put the talk into daily practice.

While it is great to have big goals and dreams, you must also have a plan made up of small details that will actually get you to where you want to be. This plan must be personal and it must be combined with the concrete decision to quit talking and to make things happen.

Here at Physical Thread, we could easily write-up a great exercise plan that has a flashy headline to gain readers but let’s be real, the chances of people actually following it on a consistent basis are slim to none. We like to focus our content around the concepts that lead people to carve out their own path to success by way of their mind and true experience. It is a vague premise but if you stick with us, our concepts will help you craft your own personal path to a healthy lifestyle. Focus on the person first…then the tools.

Think about it, the fitness industry is vast wasteland of “tools” that people never pick up and use. Year after year there are trends, products and formulas for success that are sold, consumed and then…..never implemented!

Jane Fonda and her Aerobics, Suzanne Somers and her Thigh Master, Billy Blanks and Tae Bo, Chuck Norris and the Total Gym, Tony Little and the stupid Gazelle Trainer, products from the train-wreck called The Biggest Loser, the lame Shake Weights, the uncomfortable-to-watch Insanity workouts and P90X are already or will soon be sitting in a basement or landfill with the people who purchased that stuff having nothing to show for it. Those are all tools!

Focus your attention outside of the force-fed culture of consumer driven fitness and explore sports and activities that will teach you training disciplines, attention to detail , specific training techniques, applications and nuances that can only be learned through committed “experience.”  The successful people within these sports and activities can be a great resource for you because you will be forced to participate rather than simply purchase or read about a sport or activity. That is worth its weight in gold!

Once you do this, you create a foundation of knowledge based on experience that can continue to expand and lead you to other sports, activities and healthy lifestyle practices. This foundation allows you to flow in and out of many different types of physical activities that solidify both your knowledge base and consistency. After all is said and done, you will find that spending money won’t get you results but rather consistency and effort!

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