20/20: The Workout

Bless your heart for lifting weights but if your results don’t reflect the time you spend, maybe it is time to change things up!

The 20/20 workout is a great way to change-up your strength training routine by giving it a swift kick in the rear end! The name stems from the fact that “20” stands for how many reps are expected and “20” reps is what will be performed…period! The focus is on taking your large muscle groups to complete failure and beyond. Choose an exercise and weight that you would normally perform 8-10 times and push to perform it 20 times then move on to the next exercise with no rest.

You will definitely need a training partner or spotter for this workout because this workout delivers results by way of “forced reps.” This is where your partner/spotter will help to ensure that you finish all reps with full range of motion, form, technique and slow speed of movement when you are no longer able to do so on your own.

Putting yourself in the position to where you would perform far many more repetitions than your normal level of comfort would allow, is a great way to increase your body’s level of performance with regard to exercise intensity.

However, when the body is pushed past its comfort zones, people tend to try to go faster or sacrifice form in order to end the burn! You and your spotter must remain focused and work together to perform EVERY rep with flawless technique. This process will increase both your mind and body’s perception of and level of exercise output. All of these exercise are to be done back to back with no rest!

  • 20 Pull -Ups (Full range, no lame half-pull ups! All the way up, All the way down!) 
  • 20 Lying Leg Curls (Full range of motion. Hips stay down, bring your heels to your rear end)
  • 20 Dumbbell Incline Presses (Slow, smooth and get depth at bottom of the motion, full extension at the top of the motion)
  • 20 Barbell Squats (Full depth, perfect form!)
  • 20 Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Stand up tall, keep abs tight, don’t use legs, full extension, no half reps!)
  • 20 Hanging Leg Raises (Keep slight bend in knees as you perform the move, full extension, slow speed!)
  • Single-Leg Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise (Hold a dumbbell on same side of calf being trained, all the way up and down!)
  • 20 Push Ups (Slow speed, full depth, full extension)

If you are wondering if there are workouts like this that have repetition ranges higher than 20, the answer is yes. Master this workout first and we will discuss that in the future! Weight selection is very important. Again, choose a weight that you can perform 8-10 reps of then give it everything you have to perform it for 20! When you can’t do so or your technique starts to falter, that is when your partner/spotter steps in to help you. This is not a beginner workout. Enjoy!

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