Sprint Workout #2: Same Distance-More Intensity

In February, we introduced you to a great way to get highly conditioned and shed bodyfat by way of a great sprint workout. This is the second installment of our Sprint Series that will give your body a brisk wake-up call and is a departure from a boring walk on the treadmill or jog around the block!

If you didn’t see the first workout, here it is: http://bit.ly/XBJQcF

The new workout is very similar to workout #1 because you will still be sprinting the same distance but with a twist! We threw in what are called “Suicides.” This is where you take off from the start line, run to a certain point, turn around, touch your hand to the ground then sprint back to the start line. This is a very intense format that will get you lean and mean in a short amount of time!

Here is the format:

Find a local track, football, soccer or open field and measure out your sprint distance for 100 yards or meters, depending on your surroundings. Look in your area and I am sure you can find something like that near you. If not, hit a wide open field and you’re good to go!

For a warm-up, jog for 10 minutes around the field or track, stretch all of your major muscle groups then perform these pre-sprint drills:

All of these drills are to be performed for 10 yards then back to where you started, for a total of two times each movement.

  • 10 yard high-knee drill (Slowly covering the 10 yards while bringing your knees as high as you can)
  • 10 yard butt-kickers (Running at a slow pace yet trying to hit your rear-end with your heels)
  • 10 yard back-pedals (A slow run backwards, really reaching back to get full range of motion in your backward stride)
  • 10 yard shuffle (Shuffling your feet side to side with controlled form and technique)

The Workout:

The first workout had you Performing 6-12, 100 yard sprints at half speed, working on fluid motion and getting “the feel” for going faster than your normal jog. With this workout, you will still perform 6-12, 100 yard sprints but you’re going to perform them “suicide style!” Instead of sprinting the full 100 yards, you will run to 50 yards, turn around, touch the ground and then sprint back to where you started. It is a great way to condition your body to adapt to performing different speeds and intensities all at once without stopping!

With one hand on the starting line, begin your sprint in a controlled fashion at about 3/4 speed and then at about 50 yards you will turn around, touch your hand on the ground then build back up to 3/4 speed and hold that speed until the finish. It is NOT about going as fast as you can, we will get to that in the future!

Start by working up to a decent speed and maintaining it with body control and technique. When you initially get to the turn around point and begin to go back to the start line, stay low, pump your arms and maintain form all the way to the finish!

Rest no longer than 30 seconds between sprints and repeat!

After you have performed your 6-12 Suicide Sprints, finish off the workout with another 10 minute jog, stretch out again and you’re done. Boom!

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