Is Muscle Overrated?

Our society is obsessed with crafting the perfect physique with a mix of symmetry, shape and muscle tone. All avenues of our senses are bombarded with images of athletic and toned people being the standard for all of us to strive for.

Not to burst the societal bubble but that whole circus is simply a load of you know what, so don’t be fooled. While being fit and trim is definitely a great foundation for a healthy lifestyle, there are other factors to consider. Form vs Function people!

Having huge or well-defined muscles may look great but that doesn’t always equate to function, ability, skill or coordination. Many of the best athletes in the world would walk by you and by their looks, you would have absolutely no idea of the amazing feats of strength, endurance or skill that they perform. Yes, there are those freaks of nature who possess the whole package but more often than not, someones body type or shape does not equate to what they can do with regard to ability or talent.

  • A great example is watching a UFC mixed martial arts fight. On one end of the ring you have a slender, pasty skinned fighter with no muscle tone and love handles. On the other side of the ring stands a tanned, chisled fighter with shredded abs and veins protruding from massive arms. The most obvious conclusion would lead you to believe that the pasty fighter is about to endure an epic beatdown. However, one minute into the fight the pasty skinned fighter pummels the “american dream” fighter and it is lights out! This happens all the time. A real life example is Anderson Silva. He is quite arguably the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world, destroys his challengers yet he looks moderately athletic at best. Don’t let that fool you, he is literally a lethal weapon! 

Moral of the story you ask? Well, it is quite simple. First, looks are just looks. While it is great to have a good looking physique, there is far more to achieve than looks alone. In addition to the workouts and mindset that create good looks, be sure to work on the things that develop and maintain skill, coordination, endurance, balance, body control and function because those are the things that you will truly rely on year after year!

A truly successful fitness lifestyle involves more than just looking the part, you have to play the part.

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