Product Review: Mass Maker Ultra

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is trying to lose weight. There are many people who are looking to gain or maintain weight, muscle and definition. However, they don’t want the bodyfat that comes along with the stereotypical and sure-to-fail  weightgainer practices of peanut butter &  jelly sandwiches, fast food or bowls of pasta!

There are supplement formulas that have a blend of quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats that deliver an optimal amount of caloric balance for a lean, toned physique. One of the first companies to create such products is Beverly International. Their newest lean mass MMU VANILLA ONLINEgainer is called Mass Maker Ultra which is a second generation blend of their timeless product called Mass Maker.

Mass Maker is widely known as one of the better tasting mixes on the market and Mass Maker Ultra didn’t disappoint. We tried the Vanilla flavor and the consistency was smooth, very creamy and came without the bad after-taste which is common with many other blends. Mass Maker Ultra’s taste was amazing but many of us at PhysicalThread are still partial to the taste of regular Mass Maker Vanilla.

However, the actual nutritional blend of Mass Maker Ultra has been kicked up a notch, which is ultimately more important.

Either way you look at it, this product is great for pre and post-workout nutrition, full meal replacement and for in-between meal nutrition.

With the industry taking a shift toward cross-training and sports minded workouts that are not your typical bodybuilder or weekend warrior workouts, a product like this really comes in handy.

Being able to consume a supplement that will allow you to both prepare for and recover from intense, consistent training formats is a definite advantage. We give it an A- which means it was awesome!

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