Monday Reminder: Talking vs Doing

At some time or other, we are all guilty of “talking” about doing something rather than actually “doing” it. A harmless little habit in most instances but when it comes to your health, the consequences are both real and far-reaching.

Bombarding you with statistics or case studies is senseless because it is no secret that consistent exercise and disciplined eating are two of the better things you can do for your health.

With that in mind, our Monday reminder is to simply ask that you and the people around you dig a bit deeper to make a committed effort to not only get active but to stay that way.

It is not all about competing with others or obtaining the perfect body. There is nothing wrong with a little competition and building a fit physique but you must first develop consistent habits that will support specific goals in the future.

Action, Consistency and Progression!

Here are a couple of basic resources:

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